Elliot's Story by Hugo (an Autobiography) was originally a free HTML book that could either be read online or downloaded from the Internet. Then for a while, it was offered for sale at www.abouteliot.com

It is now offered free again in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, but stored as a zip file. Download the zip files, unzip them, and read the eBook in your Adobe Reader.

Elliot's Story by Hugo (an Autobiography) is a VERY LONG book but I found it fascinating. If you love to read, then think of Elliot's Story by Hugo (an Autobiography) as one of those Russian novels with dozens of characters to keep track of. To give you some reasons to read it, (A) "Elliot's Story..." will take you on a tour of real places and introduce you to real people you probably won't run into during your own life (thank goodness!) - from down and out hippies to the rich, if not famous. (B) The author has had feedback from people saying that it is as good as the best autobiography/biography they have ever read, including those by professional writers and I certainly second that! (C) Hopefully it will inspire you to write your own story.

For those who want or need a blurb: This ebook takes you on a bizarre but true journey from the 1940's through the 1990's, as seen through the eyes of a dysfunctional, paranoid, sometimes manic-depressive, always sadomasochistic artist/homeless man. It includes photographs of many of the people written about. Most of the people shown are naked, but the photographs are small and not offensive. It involves descriptions of "tripping" on drugs, mild S+M sex sessions and homelessness. Finally, remember the old saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction".


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